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Session Information

The conference will take place on the Whova event platform (https://whova.com/virtual-conference-platform/).

Prior to the conference we will ask you to sign in and fill in your profile with some information about you like a short biography, a profile picture, links to your social media and personal interests. You can also link your previous publications or articles, to encourage future discussion topics.

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Oral Presentations

In paper sessions, each speaker (research, concept and short paper) will have 7 minutes presentation time, followed by 7 minutes discussion (+ handover between each talk: 1 min). Paper sessions usually include 4 papers.

Presentations will be shared from the presenter’s computer unless otherwise agreed with your session chair. You may use any platform you prefer to present your talk (e.g. powerpoint/prezi) but we suggest that you test your presentation prior to the conference.

Timings will be strictly enforced to make sure that there is enough time for all presenters.


Virtual Poster Sessions

As a poster presenter, you will have the opportunity to showcase your research findings by creating a Virtual Poster Exhibit in Whova. All posters and pre-recorded poster pitches will be available throughout the conference. In addition, there are two designated poster sessions. Before, during and after the poster session, attendees can comment and leave messages in the chat of your Virtual Poster Exhibit.

Throughout the poster session, attendees will be able to enter and exit each poster presentation, analogous to a poster session at an in-person conference. You will host your own live Zoom Meeting as part of your Virtual Poster Exhibit so that attendees can drop in to discuss your poster and ask questions.

Please prepare a poster and record a short video with the key findings of your contribution.

For your virtual poster, please create a poster as known from in-person conferences. As this will be a virtual poster session, please use a horizontal template as this is better viewable on mobile phones.

For the poster pitch, please record a short video of max. 90 seconds. This will allow attendees to get an idea of what your research is about prior to the poster sessions. It also provides some basic information and an overview if they have missed your meeting. The file size should not exceed 100 MB.



Workshops will be 60 minutes. Zoom (integrated in Whova) will be used with the option of breakout rooms. Via the chat, organisers can ask participants to launch other websites or tools that are used in the workshop. Besides the chat, you can use an own Q&A area in Whova or create polls directly.