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Programme SEFI 2021

We are happy to announce that the conference programme is now available in ConfTool: https://www.conftool.com/sefi2021/sessions.php


  • How do Teachers Respond to Sustained Change? More Information >> More information
  • Multicultural group work – how to use it effectively for competence gain
  • Stimulating reflective skills among engineering (and science) students 2.0 – How can we support teachers to develop necessary guidance skills?
  • Role-playing hypothetical stakeholder scenarios
  • Towards a Community Vision of Integrated Engineering
  • The pursuit of great engineering courses. Dive into a staff development program and reach the top?
  • How do we build effective online student communities?
  • A tool to ensure constructive alignment in course design
  • Educating the Reflective Engineer; a reflective session on implementing reflexivity in engineering education
  • Breaking the tyranny of content in curriculum design: A workshop synthesising affective, cognitive and functionalist constructs
  • Is it them or is it me? Managing interpersonal relationships to reduce disruptions in STEM courses online and on site
  • Teaching and learning with Jupyter Notebooks
  • Ethics Education for Engineers, creating Open Educational Materials
  • Teaching Track for Ethics of Technology in Engineering Education
  • Collaboratively writing ‘Engineering Ethics’ in Wikipedia
  • When emotions are NOT outlawed: Using emotional scaffolding to enhance student learning
  • Growing Remote Mentorship
  • Toolkit for integrating a gender-sensitive approach into research and teaching in Engineering
  • Comparing institutional strategies for engineering ethics education in regional, national and European contexts
  • Eager to contribute to an Engineering Ethics Education Handbook?