Social Programme

Monday, 13.09.2021 at 5:30 pm

Sightseeing Tour Berlin // live online event

Join us on a virtual city tour of Berlin, of a slightly different kind. Experience Berlin’s street art, a journey back into the past of Berlin’s division or the highlights of the German capital via video conference. Three different tours presented to you with the use of pictures, actual self-made photos, videos (including many self-made ones from the last six months), animations, maps of the city and buildings. The participation remains free of charge for you.

Tuesday, 14.09.2021

Dinnerbox + sofa concert // live online event

Have you ever wanted to participate in a cooking class, but never had the opportunity? Now you have the chance to fulfill your wish during the live cooking event! Via video conference you will be accompanied by the chef throughout the evening while preparing a great dish. You do not have to do the Shopping beforehand.
If you choose this course, a cooking box will be delivered to your home, where you will find all the ingredients you need to prepare the dish. Such as grains, oil, vegetables and even wine The shopping list is therefore no longer necessary and you can look forward to cooking.
There will only be a cost of 30 euros for the box.

Wednesday, 15.09.2021

Magic show // family-friendly live online event

You are free to select a virtual magical adventure. Something that science cannot explain so easily this time. See for yourself how your thoughts are read, objects appear out of nowhere or even disappear. With your own eyes. Let our magicians work their magic on you via livestream and, if you wish, even become part of the performance yourself. The participation remains free of charge for you.